Simple Recipes

Anyone can cook and you don’t need to be great to impress starving kids!

Cooking like eating, should be enjoyable. In my opinion, anyone who describes  cooking as an “Art” is talking a lot of “tosh.” Is a mashed potato decorated with gold leaf more delicious than a simple mound of mashed potato?

I think that complicated presentation of food is just way of turning mediocre to looking special but it will still be mediocre. I have yet to taste a fish served in any restaurant I’ve been that is more delicious than the fish I caught and grilled straight after. And I’ve done it many times.

So, this page is dedicated to everyone who wants to cook. I’ll share recipes I’ve used, created and also learned from my own brother who is a chef.

Disclaimer: I’m not a master chef, I’m just a person who has learned to cook and feed hungry people. I’ve feed as many 200 people in one night. None of them has complained so far (maybe they were worried I’ll break dow in tears or I’ll chase them with a machete if they say anything bad about my cooking. But it’s more likely that they know I’ll never feed them again.)

The Best Way To Fry an Egg (Sunny Side Up)

If I was a bit quizzical about the best way to cook a hard-boiled egg, I was very sure that there is a good way of frying a sunny side up egg. For me, a perfect fried egg is crispy on the outside, has a runny yolk in the middle and the white is set and not runny. Frying an egg was one of the test my brother has to pass before he was hired at his first job as a cook.


The Best Way To Cook Rice

In my opinion rice should not be crunchy (although the Spanish might disagree with me about that.) Also, it should not be mushy. I’ve cooked rice in different ways. I’ve cooked it over a makeshift stove made of four stones, using sticks for firewood. I’ve cooked it over charcoal, gas and electric cooker. And I found that the best way to cook rice is in…wait for it…


The Best Way to Cook Hard Boiled Egg

Is there really a best way to cook a hard-boiled egg? I’ve asked this questions many times because, hard-boiled egg is boiled hard. Surely, you can’t over cook it. You can leave it for a long time boiling and it will not turn harder than it is, nor will it turn tender. But, apparently there is.


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