Want to reduce university costs? Why not swap your teenagers?

Are you dreading the cost of university fees and accomodation this coming school year? Two Mums from Brighton have come up with a cracking idea to reduce university expenses by introducing a “student home” swap scheme. It might not be for everyone but the idea definitely has got some merits.

Read the full story on BBC News website.

BBC News – Mums launch student home swap scheme.

Two parents from Brighton have set up a scheme where parents can “swap” their children when they go away to university.

The idea is that parents who have a spare room while their child is away might take in a student from the town where their child is studying.

Their child would go to that student’s home – for free.

It is the brainchild of Hermione Pask, of Unihomeswap, who says it could save families thousands of pounds a year.

The mother of a teenage girl, Ms Pask says she had the idea when talking to a friend during a car journey.

“Her son was already at university and we were discussing how expensive it was,” she said.

“I was saying because I can’t afford it, I would have to send my daughter to Brighton and that might be a shame because it might not have the course she wants.

“I said it would be good if students could swap – and suddenly had this idea. I rushed home and bought up eight website domain names and began work on the idea.”

BBC News – Mums launch student home swap scheme.


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