17 Year Old Teen, Saves 36 Students as Bus Driver Has Heart Attack

Today teenagers are demonised by the press. They’re accused of being thugs, disobedient, undisciplined, bad mannered and over all, the face of moral decay.

But they’re not. In fact, many of them are responsible young people, just like this teenager who saved her peers when their bus driver had a heart attack while driving them home from school.

17 years old Graceanne Rumer, saved about 36 other students on their way home, when the driver suffered a heart attack while driving. Rumer, who was just learning to drive aand just had her driving licence for two weeks, steered her school bus away from the oncoming traffic and successfully parked it. She’d done this while the bus driver was slumped on the floor and obstructing the brake pedal.

The driver later died, but all the students were unharmed.


See video report below:


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