22 Blogs Posted and I Feel Like Quitting

At the beginning of this year I set myself a challenge: to write on my blog daily, Monday to Friday for the whole year. I called it my 252 days challenge. It’s the end of the month and I confess that the temptation of giving it up is getting more difficult to resist.

So far I’ve managed to write 22 blogs, just 230 more to go.

If you read my blog, you probably read my entry on How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution and Succeed this Year. In that blog, I mentioned that to help you stick to your new year resolution; you need to be realistic and simple. I tell you that at the moment, I feel that the challenge I set myself is neither realistic nor simple.

As days roll by; my brain is starting to complain and is demanding a holiday, probably somewhere warm and sunny with only the splashing of the waves and the singing of the birds for company.

When I’m tired and haven’t slept properly, I feel like quitting the challenge; I’m sure no one will complain if I stop it. There are days (like today) when it’s just refusing to cooperate and I would sit in front of my computer forcing myself to type words that are going through my mind. Mostly, all I come up with are jumbled thoughts.  And it takes me hours to come up with something readable.

Looking at the bright side

So, if it’s so difficult why do I insist on keeping on with the challenge? Am I just a masochist or a complete nutcase? Well, I’ve established that I’m a nutcase, but a masochist I’m not.

Apart from proving to myself that I can do this challenge, I’m keeping on with it because in the last month that I’ve been doing this I’m getting positive results. For one, I’m getting a steady increase in my readership, and it is like an anti-depressant drug. Every time I publish my blog, I see my stats surge up and I feel excited.  It would be great to hit 5000 readers a month. At the moment it sounds a bit far off, but who knows I might just make it before the end of the year. Well, I can dream, it cost me nothing.

I also had an unexpected boon for keeping on with the challenge; although I don’t have a link in my blog to my business site, I noticed a steady increase in visitors to it since I started my personal daily blog. It looks like it’s turning into a good advertisement for me.


Get out clause

My husband (having a great eye for loopholes) has pointed out to me that I’ve not factored my holidays in the challenge. I must admit that I totally forgot about that.

So, now I have a very valid reason to reduce my challenge to 232 days, instead:) Hurray!

I’m definitely not going to posh hotels that offer free access to the internet, so I will not be tempted to share with you the highlights of places I visit. My brain is certainly looking forward to the rest. That holiday I’ve booked in the middle of nowhere because it’s all we can afford is looking very tempting.



5 thoughts on “22 Blogs Posted and I Feel Like Quitting

  1. Great post. The same thing happened to me. I wrote and wrote like a madwoman. I produced volumes of material and then “pop” I totally burned myself out and had to take a break from blogging for a month.
    Don’t quit. Just ease up on yourself. It is difficult to keep that kind of pace up if you want to retain the quality of writing you show in this post. Good luck.

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