Caught on Camera

Aside from writing I also love taking pictures. Not that I’m any good at it but with digital cameras, I don’t have to spend loads of money on developing daft images. Naturally, my favourite subjects are my kids. Here are some of my favourite pictures I’ve taken. I’ve chosen them, not because they are great shots but because they remind me of special moments in time.

visiting the library

taken when my son was just over 1 year old

When my son was younger, we loved  to visit the library. Every week we would be there just looking at books. It was fun and it was a cheap day out. He’s now four and he still loves going to the library. It’s always my “get out of jail card” when I’ve run out of ideas where to take him.

Salzburg Zoo

This is my daughter when we were at Salzburg Zoo

My daughter looked so happy in this picture but it was taken just after we both had a little argument. She was tired and complaining and I was grumpy. I felt really bad for telling her off because she just cried quietly. But fortunately, we made up. This was just a few minutes after we made up.

having fun at the beach

We were having fun late evening at the beach. It was cold.

Who says you need luxury holidays to have fun? This was one of the cheap holidays we had. We just went to Beadnall during Easter two years ago. We rented a small apartment five minutes walk from the beach. There was no amusement centre, no shopping malls, no luxurious facilities,  just miles and miles of beaches and sand dunes. It was one of the best holidays we had and it totally changed my view of British beach holidays. Of course, it helped that we had great sunny weather the whole week. We even manage to get a tan (although, just mention sunny and my kids’ skin turns a darker shade of tan.)

Home run

Running hard to the finish line

Every time I look at this picture, I feel really proud. We’re not a very sporty family but my son gave it all his best to run to the finish line during his sports day at play school. I remember cheering him on and shouting like a mad woman. He came second.

Just having fun

Playing chase

This is just one of those days when we were out as a family. My daughter and son are just playing chase.


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