First Day of School: A Reminder of the End

Wow, first day of school and I’m amazed how we managed to get out of the door without manic rushing. Long may it continue.  Of course it helped that we didn’t have cooked breakfast this morning.

back to school It was amazing to see all the kids all grown-up. Four years ago, they were so little and many of them were clinging to their parents’ legs, refusing to go inside the classroom. Today, they can’t wait to get away from us to run and play with their friends.

First day of school is a welcome relief after six weeks of entertaining kids, living with maternal guilt that I’m leaving them for a few hours to watch the telly while I work on projects and listening to endless loud chatter from my daughter (my ears are all worn out.) But the day is also poignant because it’s a stark reminder that my children are growing up and they’re slowly preparing for a life without mummy. I still have one boy not at school, but next year, he too, will be going. Then one day, I’ll wake up to the knowledge they don’t need me anymore.  It will be a sad day, but it will also be a welcome one as I take back the freedom that I so took for granted when I was free and single.

Well, enough of my dramatic musings. I’ve got a little boy to entertain, windowpanes to paint, projects to finish and garden to tidy (although the weather has taken that task out of my hand, it’s raining. Thank god for small mercies.)


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